Be a good Host

I like to impose as little as possible when accepting hospitality, however, a gentleman always has standards—and I have mine. Here are a simple set of rules to follow. By doing so, I will certainly be happy, and you, as a host, will also be happy. Happy in the knowledge that you have done your job by making me happy.

1. Punctuality.
No one wants to be standing at the airport like a dope with no one to greet them. Make your guest’s (me) first impression of the trip pleasant, by being there to greet me as soon as I arrive.

2. Treats. 
I am on vacation. I want to relax, and eat good food. I don't expect 5 star, but I also do not expect my only choice to be an old jar of mayo in the fridge. Make sure there’s plenty of healthy snacks to be had.

3. Clean sheets. 
After a long trip, there’s nothing like stepping into a host’s inviting home, however, while you may not mind living in a mess, I do not. Make sure the guestroom is particularly hospitable, with an inviting bed and clean sheets, towels laid out, private facilities if possible. Even if your guest is sleeping on the couch, make the couch look cozy and comfortable.

4. Feed me. 
I always appreciate home cooked food, and when done correctly, it is very tasty, however, be advised, if you do not already know, I am a vegetarian. I only eat vegetarian food. I try not to be a obnoxious about this, but I only eat vegetarian food. Note, vegetarian food does NOT include fish. 

Preparing food for your guest is an ancient rite of hospitality. It doesn’t matter if you’re not much of a chef, the effort is what counts. And always make breakfast for your guest on the first morning of their stay. There’s something quite welcoming about waking up to a home cooked breakfast.

5. Fun. 
You want your guest (me) to have a memorable visit and the best possible time while they I am with you. Show them all your favorite spots and take them on all your favorite excursions, but also research activities you know will particularly appeal to your guest and their interests. Even if you cannot accompany your guests on these sightseeing trips, give them a list of ideas, maps, directions, and everything else I need to go out and enjoy myself. Use your local knowledge.

6. It's all about me. 
Every guest worries a bit that they are imposing on you. There’s never a need to magnify this insecurity. Always act as though you could not be more pleased that your guest is staying with you. You shouldn’t have to fake such a sentiment; while you may experience moments of annoyance, keep in mind that such visits are infrequent and that your guest will soon enough be journeying to a new destination.

7. Alone Time
You love me, I love you, but that does not mean 24/7. A man needs his space. My space.

8. Local knowledge/Tour Guide
Inform me of anything that I need to know. Where to get a local sim card, for example, how much to pay for a taxi ride, any thing like that. Also, if it is a new place, or even an old place. show me around a little. Tell me some interesting things. Entertain.