Thursday, 8 February 2007

To bring you all up-to-date

I returned to Perth on the 27th of August, safe and sound. My plan was to return to Cambodia within the month, however, I few issues kept me in Perth. Thusly, the remainder of 2006 was spent in Australia. This was time pleasantly spent, however it is now time to move on.

On the 11th of February 2007 I will again be leaving the fair shores of Australia to sail north to the busy port of Singapore. Why, you may ask, am I choosing to sail again, on a freighter, rather than on the speedier, aviation based transport system? The answer is that it is more fun, more relaxing, and (not withstanding the previous point), at this time of year there is a good chance of a tropical storm. On my previous freighter journey (June 06) I found that I was not adversely affected by the ship's pronounced movement. I would now like to discover if this immunity extends to a day or two or wild tropical storms! Waves a-crashing, wind a-howling, and so on, whoopie!

The ship I am sailing on this time is the MV Theodor Storm, a 30,000 tonne ship, similar in capacity and details to my first ship.

When I arrive in Singapore I will update this blog with my latest adventures.

All the best.

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