Saturday, 2 August 2008

rabies update - good news, I am not dead

a few snaps of the event, some have asked for. Keep in mind, I did not pause to photo document every action as it occurred. I was busy doing other things. There is also a rule in Thai hospitals—no pictures, so I was not able to get a snap of me in the medical sections of the hospital, but not to worry. Here I am being brave in 2D.

Hi all,

One week after the attack I am ok. I still have more inoculations to take but these are low stress. The result of the full course of vacination will be continued immunity to rabies.

It was a revealing experience, the prospect of imminent death, one which should not be repeated unnecessarily, however, as with most things a rational approach produces the optimum outcome. The consolation of philosophy. I found myself thinking of how I should organise my affairs for a smooth transition.

I am also further convinced of the necessity of taking precautions. Over the last three years I have visited the Travellers Medical Centre in Perth on three occasions, and each time I ensured that all my medications and knowledge of the ills of the world were as good as I could find. I also asked the Drs if rabies vaccination was prudent, their reply: 'no', it is excessive, dog bites are uncommon, you can get innoculated then and there--if needed. So I did not take the, what seemed to me, the safe and cautious approach. In retrospect I should have insisted. If I had been in a more inaccessible area, where the travel time to the big city was longer, I could have been in serious trouble.

moral of the story: don't get bitten by a dog.

ps to those people who asked me how the dog is, don't know, did not go back to investigate as yet.


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