Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Anne Francis (1930-2011) RIP

Anne Francis was the female star of the science fiction movie classic 'Forbidden Planet' (1956). A movie I have always enjoyed and have always seen as one of the great SF movies. Anne Francis played the role of the innocent, but sexy daughter of the 'mad scientist', Walter Pigeon. Perhaps not conceived of as a serious role, however, she balanced the two male characters (her father and the starship commander, Leslie Nielson) and made the movie engaging on a human level.

As an actress her career was successful, but not wildly so. She starred here and there, but never became a name, however, she will always be remembered by SF fans for that one role, back at the dawn of the era of the science fiction movie: Altaira Morbius.

Anne Francis with the late, great Leslie Nielsen.

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