Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Bangkok to Surat Thani

650kms, 9 hours, one night.

Another trip, another journey. This time from Bangkok to the town of Surat Thani. Surat is one of the larger towns of southern Thailand, capital of the province of the same name, and the province (of the same name) is home to the beach resort island of Koh Samui.

Me, the bus guy, and the bus.
people people people--the loneliness of the travelling man.
It is a burden. Surrounded by people but always a part.

my ticket

A fine few weeks in bkk. Saw some friends, saw some new places, visited and revisited some nearby provinces, but time to move on.
Get your ticket.
Sai Tai, at night, main entrance.
I departed bkk from the southern bus station, aka Sai Tai, which is to the west of bkk--go figure. Getting there required a taxi ride from nana—there being little public transport to a major transportation nexus—go figure. Taxi = 200 baht, 60 baht tollway, and 100baht tip because the guy did not haggle about using the meter. It's all an adventure.

Again, Sai Tai is big. Enter go right, up two escalators and u r in the ticket area. Wander around till u find what u want. Avoid friendly folk who try and help you, most will b touts, who will do no more than overcharge.

VIP bus 700 baht. Cool.

The trip you ask? Ok. The usual.
A cat, met at a stop.

My reason to return to Surat Thani is to do some more waymarking in the area, including the nearby provinces, and to see the east coast 'Thai Silk Road' sites. A few weeks, will be fun. Then further south!

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