Thursday, 13 December 2012

Patrick Moore RIP

My life long interest in astronomy resulted in a life long interest in some interesting people. One of those, very interesting people, was Patrick Moore. Moore spent his entire life as an amateur astronomer and a populariser of the subject. With a mildly eccentric demeanour he entertained generations of young people, and more than a few older.

Having said that he never struck me as a particular helpful source of information. I found neither his books nor his long dialogues on the subject that useful, however, I always found him an interesting subject to observe, if never entirely sure just what he was up to. This, combined with his rather varied and equally eccentric political views, made him someone to occasionally pay attention to, but never take too seriously.

With all that, however, Patrick Moore, you were a fun fellow, you lived a long life, doing what you wanted. RIP.

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