Friday, 3 September 2010

Cambodia and Phnom Penh. New times.

The Central Market. 1930s art deco. A sight.

I was last in Phnom Penh three years ago, in 2007. At that time the city seemed quiet, a little empty, quiet at times. How things have changed in only three years! There are more cars, more people, and more noise in the city than before. The river front is a busy and upmarket area. There is a great deal of construction going on in the city, which is also expanding. It is a good change. People working to make their lives better.

The National Museum.

The University of Cambodia. Lofty goals.

The Silver Pagoda, in the Royal Palace complex.
The Royal Palace.

I plan to spend a week here in Phnom Penh, seeing what is to be seen and relaxing, and doing some waymarking. From there I want to revisit some part of the country I saw three years ago, and to see some new areas.

Christopher Howes Rd, named for a de-miner, killed by the Khmer Rouge.

The Independence monument, at night (obviously).

The currently vacant train station.

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