Friday, 3 September 2010

The Cult of Less.

A growing movement, amongst the digital cognoscenti, those who have embraced the digital era in all its glory and shortcomings, is to do away, as far as possible, with the physical, and lead a digital nomadic existence.

This means different things to different people, but essentially, computers have allowed us to do away with such things as photographs, books, CDs, DVDs, even writing material. Even work and making money can be done from in front of one's computer. This means that we don't need large houses or places in which to store our 'stuff'. I can add that from an environmental perspective people, such as myself, who have chosen to do away, as far as possible, 'stuff', are good citizens—reducing our environmental impact footprint.

So what have I done to reduce my 'stuff'. Currently, I am replacing my Olympus e510 dslr with a compact point and shoot camera, possibly the Sony DSC HX5, ~us$400. I am also going through my two bags of gear and disposing of, or 'squeezing' what I have. One metal 1lt water bottle, which I rarely use is gone, as is my camera tripod, which I also rarely use.

* update 5/4/10: My new camera is the hx5: light, compact, lots of new features, including a gps. Great for waymarking and generally keeping track of where things were. My old dslr is going to a friend in the Philippines.

My goal is three bags. The first being one large backpack. This I can carry with me while travelling, it contains my important and needed on the road gear: computer, cards, documents and money, and inside my small shoulder (Che Geuvara bag). Second, a larger bag, one which contains my clothes, toothbrush, medicine kit, protein powder, and what ever else I need to carry. I want this to be a relatively small bag. Lastly, my Che Guevara shoulder bag, something I can sling over one shoulder, big enough to hold what I need, but small enough to be easy to carry. I am getting there. (I did mention on a previous blog, one discussing do's and don'ts of travel—no shoulder bags for men. I will amend that to allow Che Guevara should bags, cool.)

One thing I am looking at, is a new computer. I currently use a MacBook, a great computer, but if Apple were to come out with an upgraded MacBook Air, then I would buy. The Air is lighter and overall smaller than my current. Also, cool looking.

Keep checking to see what is happening.

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