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Takuapa—a small town in the south of Thailand.

Takuapa—a small town in the south of Thailand.
tourist map of town and area.
As regular readers of my blog will know, I have been busy over the last week or more, what with visiting archaeological sites in the north of the southern Thai province of Phang-nga. Three sites in particular, which I have now visited and revisited several times, however, I thought that I should spend a little time talking about the town which I am using as a base. This is the town of Takuapa (“Dow-gro-PAR”), in Phang-nga province.

destinations at the station.
 This town is one of those places which requires serious thought to identify in any way. There are a hundred other identical towns in Thailand, ‘average’ is the word which applies, however, it is not without its own charm and it can be a pleasant spot in which to spend a few days. 

bus station.

Takuapa stretches along the main highway, maybe 3 kms and 2 streets back. On either side of this not extremely busy road are restaurants, shops, a few hotels, and people. On the eastern side of town is the bus station, which has a market next door. At the town centre is the city administration building, along with a few other government services, and a park with a statue to the Hindu god, Pra Narai, in his Thai Buddhist interpretation. Apart from showing reverence by worship, which happens fairly frequently, people also let off firecrackers. This last may seem strange to westerners, but lighting firecrackers has a deep spiritual significance, and it is also a lot of fun.

city hall.

a local bus, at the bus station.

the district legal office, nice job.

Pha Narai, in town centre.
A millennium ago this area was an important land route across the peninsular on the southern silk road. A century ago tin mining and rubber plantations were the backbone of the economy. Now a little tourism from the surrounding beaches and misc services.

Town council.

tuk tuk

local post office send me a postcard.

Steam engine from a ship wreck.
Not that many attractions around.
I spent 10 days here, a long time. I got to know a few locals, if not well, at least by their attitude and personality. The ‘little old lady’, who cooked my omelette with egg, and a side of rice, most mornings. The good ladies in the ‘Dream Cafe’, the best cafe in town with fast internet and tasty coffee. My tuk tuk driver, Mr Wattana, who drove me around, over charged me when I let him, but also gave me good advice on how to get to where I wanted to go.
Will I return to Takuapa? Most probably not, but it was a friendly stopover, which I shall always remember.

Dream Cafe.

My hotel. 'Extra Hotel'

sleeping my way to my next destination.

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